Being a revolutionary design we do get a lot of questions, here's some answers to the more Frequently Asked Question:

Q: Do I have to Run a disc brake?

A: YES - The frame has no post mounts and is designed to take a disc brake only - please trust us when we say it's better in every way

Q: Do I have to Run the belt drive system?

A: NO - The frame is able to take a chain drive with no issues

Q: What sizes does it come in?

A: Pro sizes only right now - see HERE for detailed geometry. 

Q: Will you be doing a cruiser?

A: YES - A Pro Cruiser is the next design we're working on

Q: Will you be doing any smaller sizes?

A: YES - We think that the weight and smoothness benefits of the belt drive system can easily transfer over to the smaller sized bikes and we'll start work on those soon

Q: What hubs fit your 12mm axle?

A: Any 12x110mm Disk brake hub should fit - Onyx certainly do an instant engagement hub in this size

Q: Will you be doing complete builds?

A: NO - We believe that each customer will want something unique and have their own preferences so we'll leave speccing it up to you - after all that's half the fun

Q: Do you ship Worldwide?

A: YES - We'll happily ship Worldwide though we have yet to confirm shipping costs

Q: Can I get sponsored to ride one of your frames?

A: NO - 2019 sees us with a full team of three rider.  We may look at putting together a bigger team for 2020 but there are no plans yet and aren't looking for anyone.

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